About the Brand

Designer Jessica Garcia’s handmade suits are feminine and functional for the avid salter water addict, yet sexy for the elite sunbather. Ola Feroz, which translates to Fierce Wave in Spanish, demonstrates the tenacity behind the brand and its creator. Garcia’s self-taught skill evolves with every collection and maintains superior quality.

Ola Feroz is the expression of Garcia’s Latin roots and tropical lifestyle. The South Florida fashion house for swimwear is fully integrated from graphics, to printing, to cutting, to sewing, and packaging. Part of the brand’s novelty is each collection is limited and unique to its season.

About the Designer

Jessica Garcia is a Florida native who spent her childhood growing up in Venezuela with her family. Leading into her adult life, she has definitely seen her share of landscapes from living and visiting places like, Taiwan, Bali, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Costa Rica—where she began her early days as a self-taught bikini maker.  

With encouragement from her husband, Javier Garcia, and her family, she worked on her sewing machine for nine hours a day while her husband was on a work visa in Cost Rica. Using her one straight-stitch machine, some thread, elastic, lycra, construction paper (for pattern making), and hours of frustration along with trial and error, Ola Feroz Swimwear was born.   

Upon moving back to the States, she launched the swimwear brand in 2010. Her clientele list grew from Facebook posts and an email list, to newsletter marketing efforts, which grew to an online store, and eventually to a showroom on the border of Boca Raton’s most popular beaches and downtown area.

The clientele not only increased with numbers, but expanded through location. Ola Feroz has customers from all over the world including Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.